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Dramatic Dance

"Energi følger tanke."

Flow & Peak performance

Would you like to be fully present in what you do?

Transcend time and place?

To be completely in "the zone"?


Flow is a state of heightened awareness that occurs when you are so actively present that you forget time and place. Here, productivity is increased and results come more easily. This state of being is the goal of positive psychology, which is based in cognitive and humanistic psychology.


When you are in a state of flow, you perform better. Maybe you have experienced a performance situation where you completely forgot time and place and obtained a feeling of mastery.

   To reach peak performance we need:

  • Inner motivation

  • Full concentration 

  • Clear and simple direction

  • Skills that match the challenge at hand

  • Good feedback


Would you like to find the state of flow at work or in your personal life?

Contact me for an informal chat!

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