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Eye Close Up

"don't anticipate trouble,

or worry about what may never happen.

keep in the sunlight."

-b. Franklin

Performance anxiety

Are you afraid to perform?

Afraid of auditions or competitions?

Do certain situations worry you more than they should?

Can one bad sound ruin a whole performance for you?

Are you anxious about what other people say about you?

Are you afraid of making mistakes that will affect your reputation?

Do you feel a knot in your stomach right before you go on stage?

Do you feel stiff or shake when you perform?



Performance anxiety can appear in a variety of forms and affects most performers at some point in their careers. Even so, the feelings of over-controlling and perfectionism can feel exhausting. It is normal to try to avoid anxiety provoking situations altogether. In high-performance careers these problems happen often. Some of us tackle anxiety naturally better than others, but different situations or phases of our lives can change how we react.  Coaching can be a good approach to examining unconscious mental patterns and feelings. Changing these patterns will help your performance.  With the“mental toolkit” that you get from coaching you will learn to handle these situations in the future.


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