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Image by Nikola Jovanovic

"coaching is unlocking a person's potential

to maximize their growth."

-j. whitmore

What is coaching?

Professional coaching is a personal forum for discussion and a process for change designed to set and reach goals, enabling you to find the best solutions to your challenges. We take you from your present state to your desired goals, in your work and/or personal life. In coaching, it’s you who set the agenda!


The guiding principle is that you already have the answers inside of you; through these powerful techniques and questions you will gain full ownership of your own best solutions.


I am a professional listener: neutral and ethical. I ask relevant, high quality questions that uncover your resources and position you to reach your potential. We focus on actions that give you command over your own life.

Coaching can help you to:

  • reach goals

  • realise your potential

  • reduce stress

  • elevate consciousness

  • become clear over what is important for you 

  • focus on what you want,not on what you don't want

  • think outside the box

  • increase mastery

  • boost self-confidence 

  • set smart and realisable goals

  • find your resources

  • have more energy

  • know yourself better

I often meet people who wish to:

  • reach goals

  • make life changes

  • change patterns

  • become more conscious/aware

  • have a better life

  • obtain clarity and get an overview 

  • handle stress better

  • increase self-confidence and improve self-image

  • increase mental resilience

  • increase emotional resilience 

  • become clear over what is truly important for them

  • get out of the comfort zone and do something great 

  • dare to stand onstage

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