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"I want to sing

like the birds sing,

not worrying

about who hears

or what they think."



Would you like to use your voice better?

Are there technical or musical issues that hinder you?

Would you like to free up your technique through mental training?

What about learning to work in a more structured and goal-oriented way? 

Would you like to become a better singer?

Do you need help with technique, interpretation, or to remove the blocks that keep you from being your best?

Have you considered that technical problems may start in your mental preparation? 

My philosophy is “we sing as we are.” When there are “catches” in our singing, there are usually “catches” in our thinking and feeling. When we are in touch with our inner strength it is easier to let go and perform with greater freedom. Enjoying the process makes it easier to reach the goal!


In addition to my coaching career I am a professional opera soloist. I have worked as a singer for over 20 years. You can see my CV at I love to teach both experienced and inexperienced singers. It’s exciting to see how mental training and coaching help conquer technical and musical barriers. 


Get in contact with me so we can have an informal discussion to see

if this coaching could be something for you.

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