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stå på ski

"I have failed over and over in my life,

and that's why I succeed."



Do you want to be a better athlete?

Reach better goals?

Be more structured in goal setting and strategy?

Be at your peak when it counts?

Be more aware and have more control during your training and preparation?

Have more joy in the process of success?

“The better your condition on the inside, the better your performance on the outside “

In coaching for athletes we optimise performance during both training and competition. We work with the whole athlete through a wide variety of mental training methods.


Focus areas includes :

  • Goal-setting

  • Optimal scheduling

  • Strategies for goal reaching

  • Relationships

  • Recovery

  • Performance anxiety


And all of it according to the way you, yourself, want to work!


Is this something for you?

Get in touch with me for a free, no-obligation chat. 

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