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Image by Aaron Burden

"values are like fingerprints. 

nobody's are the same

but you leave them

all over the place."

-e. Presley

Values coaching

Would you love to have more clarity in your career?

Are you aware of what is truly important to you?

Do you use your time for things that really excite you?

Are you clear about what you want out of your career and personal life?

Is something keeping you from achieving your goals without you knowing precisely what it is?

Are economic problems holding you back?

Our lives are affected by our values and ideas about “how things are.” This can limit us by creating unconscious patterns. As a coach, I work to help you change these patterns and find the resources to achieve your goals. Your values are your map and compass: what’s most important for you on a daily basis.  Unclear, unconscious values control us more than we wish, but new values can be learned and engaged when our motivation kicks in. Our values influence virtually all of the choices we make; they change and develop as long as we are alive.

Value-based coaching works deeply with what is most important for you. We typically use several coaching sessions to get to the heart of things in one or two areas of your life. When you become more conscious of any barriers, the solutions will appear which make it easier to find direction in other areas of your life as well.


Contact me for an informal chat to see if this is something for you.

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