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"If you can dream it

you can do it."

-Walt Disney


Are you an artist who wants to bring out the best in your work?

Reach new heights and expand your expressive capabilities?

Master every audition situations that you live your potential?

Set constructive and clear goals?

Is your motivation low? Is it hard for you to see things through?

Would you like to have control over both inner and outer challenges?

Are you blocked?

Low motivation?

Worried about what others think of you?


Writer´s block?

Low self-image and confidence?


“The better your condition on the inside, the better your performance on the outside“


“The better your condition on the inside, the better your performance on the outside.”

When we are open to looking at our inner challenges, we can develop to find meaning and make real progress. 


As a professional opera singer with 20+ years of stage experience (see I have used mental training and coaching to actively develop myself as an artist. This experience has given me insight in how to live my creativity and perform at a consistently higher level.  As a coach I can help other artists free up their potential and find joy in the process of reaching their goals. 


My clients include actors, dancers, musicians, conductors, singers, visual artists, writers, as well as many others. I am driven to do this work by a desire to help others find the key that was sometimes difficult to find in my own career. To help other artists to reach new heights and find new processes for self-learning is my passion. 

There is a lot to gain by asking for help, even when it feels taboo. To ask for help is a strength! Having an open mind about mental training can help free you as an artist, not to mention opening your whole life to something new and better. Through openness we become aware of how to make ourselves better, freer artists. I firmly believe that we create our art through who we are.  


Get rid of old, negative patterns and develop yourself and your art through a new way of thinking!


Get in touch with me for a free, no-obligation chat. 

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